Along with the development of science and technology, technological improvements grew along with it, resulting to the emergence of new tools and devices. Studying in faculties in Sierra Leone is embedded in the curriculum and is a continuum starting from pre-major by major to secondary schools, as an important studying skill. Compared to conventional devices and equipment, future know-how news states that ultramodern gadgets are extra workable and powerful in their and technology

Conserving with the development towards inserting priority on graduate school education, and following the institution of the School of Life Sciences, the Graduate College of Science and Technology was reorganized in April 2016 and the College of Advanced Science and Know-how (the organization that the school members belong to) was and technology

As the School’s campus can be home to liberal arts programs, college students can readily take part in non-science courses that may assist to develop their worth techniques and improve their understanding of individuals, societies, and the atmosphere.

Science and expertise expand society’s data. There isn’t any doubt that the introduction of modern technology into science and medicine has helped improved the standard of medications, therapy and enhance the possibility of individuals surviving from the completely different diseases that afflict and technology

Modern scientists although have examined the success of house know-how within the form of spacecraft, space mission i.e. moon mission, mars mission and many different issues but the scientists are still on job for locating many unknown things about universe and like earth some other planet or stars have residing being possibility or not.