How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Reseller Hosting Business?

As a hosting reseller, you need to define a target segment of the market that you plan to sell hosting solutions to. Once that is done, you buy a good reseller plan like a Linux Reseller Hosting Plan offering an opportunity to create and sell flexible hosting plans tailored to your target market. Over the last decade, the rise of social media platforms as the preferred channels for engaging with new and prospective clients and search engines as the primary drivers of traffic to websites, digital marketing has become critical to every organization’s marketing plans. In this article, we will share some tips to help you use digital marketing to promote your Reseller Hosting business and make it profitable.

Start a Blog

The internet, as we know it, had blogs much before everything else. It was an honest man’s diary of his daily experiences that he wanted to share with the world. Over the years, blogs evolved into amazing digital marketing tools with knowledge-sharing standing at the nucleus of the strategy. Web hosting is technical in nature. Therefore, many website owners have a lot of questions. When you start a Reseller Hosting business, you can begin a blog to share information about hosting, talk about the concerns faced by most site owners and offer solutions via your services. Remember, it is all about honesty, genuineness, and having an approach to help people.

Place Online Ads

Advertising has always been integral to marketing. As consumers, we expect brands to advertise their products and services highlighting their strengths – it’s normal for brands to do so. If we come across a brand that doesn’t advertise enough, we tend to be sceptical about its products/services (Consumer 101). Hence, you need to place online ads talking about the USPs (ultimate selling points) of your hosting packages. This is also a good option to tell people that you understand the pain areas faced by them and are offering services to help them.

Plan a Referral Scheme

Regardless of the type of business, existing customers are always the best source of getting new customers. A referral scheme is designed to motivate your existing clients to refer your services to their family, friends, and social network in exchange for a reward. This is a highly inexpensive way of sourcing new business. Also, with most people being active online, such schemes help promote your brand too.

Use Social Media Optimally

Social media platforms have evolved into powerful digital marketing tools. Use them effectively to create a positive brand image and engage with your existing and prospective clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Visibility is the biggest challenge in the online world. Also, the hosting reseller business is highly competitive, making visibility all the more important. People can’t buy your services if they can’t find you when they search for hosting services online, right? With search engines driving most of the website traffic, optimizing your site to rank higher in search engine results is a must. Talk to an SEO expert and ensure that you take the necessary steps to improve the SEO of your website.


Remember, marketing your Reseller Hosting business is as important as creating competitive hosting packages, to make your business successful. Follow the tips mentioned above and use digital marketing to promote your Reseller Hosting business. Good Luck!

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