4 Reasons Why Gadgets are Ecofriendly in 2021

Now more than ever there is a global call for sustainability. Of course, there are many other reasons for sustainability but the main one is to promote environmental protection.

Many manufacturing companies are under strict regulations by the government to reduce their carbon footprint.

The production of eco-friendly gadgets is what is referred to as green technology. It includes the use of energy-efficient appliances and gadgets, renewable energy, and many more as we shall discuss in this article.

What eco-friendly gadgets mean?

Even before tackling whether or not current tech gadgets are eco-friendly, it is important to first lay the foundation on what eco-friendly truly means.

I know I am not the only one who has seen the fake advertisement on sustainability by companies greenwashing customers into buying their products and slapping them with extremely high prices.

To that frustrated customer, here is a list of what you should look for when buying an eco-friendly gadget;

  • Gadgets that are powered by solar energy (Not necessary but preferred)
  • Biodegradable gadgets
  • Energy efficiency – less energy is needed to power.
  • Powered by renewable energy – even a better option to energy efficiency is the use of renewable energy like solar.
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Less waste – the packaging of these gadgets should minimize waste by promoting recycling and reusing

The good thing with some online stores is that they provide such information on sustainability to their customers before they make a purchase.

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Keeping these 5 key points in mind before buying any tech gadget will help you know whether or not you’re getting sustainable products.

Reasons for why nowadays gadgets a more eco-friendly

1.   Eco-friendly contribute good quality production

The sustainability campaign has by far impacted the quality of production.

Good quality production means time and attention has been given to the production of that particular product.

Do not quote me wrong, not all quality gadgets are sustainably made. The whole point of sustainability covers increased longevity and durability which is crucial for any quality production.

If you’re making something that is meant to last for long, it means you will put more effort into manufacturing it. Aiming for quality instead of quantity.

Of course, the prices are high but consumers are willing to pay anything to go green. It is not cheap to go green. This brings me to my next point.

2.   There’s demand for eco-friendly gadgets

If there is something companies do pay attention to is their consumers’ needs.

If consumers are demanding eco-friendly products that is what they are going to give them.

Saving the planet is an individual call. One person, a company, or a government cannot save the environment on its own.

However, when each person does their own share, then we shall make a difference.

When consumers choose to only buy gadgets that are eco-friendly, automatically manufacturing companies will produce just that.

3.   For competitive advantage

Technology is no longer new. Patents on inventions have long expired and upcoming companies can now produce the same set of gadgets using a technology they ever invented.

This being the case, then every company is working to differentiate their products from another company’s.

Going green or making sustainable products gives companies a competitive advantage over others.

A good example is Samsung’s initiative in eliminating plastic packaging in both of their appliances and mobile devices.

This will not only save the environment but also direct more customers to buy Samsung’s products because it is more appealing and sustainable.

It not only lays the competitive advantage with other manufacturers but also builds brand recognition. This is commonly referred to as sustainable branding.

4.   Reduced costs and waste

Sustainable manufacturing involves the reduction of resource footprints. It aims for cost-cutting which in turn reduces the quantity of production without sacrificing quality.

Manufacturing companies are also after reducing their production waste which plays a role when seeking financial support from investors and money lending companies.

By producing less, the overall production cost will reduce. All these sustainability steps taken by companies help to lure in more customers.


Green living is not a 21st-century lifestyle trend, but a matter of great necessity. The only way an individual can take to help save the environment is by investing in sustainable living.

When out shopping for electronic gadgets or any other products, keep in mind to buy from companies that promote sustainability in their products.